Hypnotic Therapy

Hypnosis acts quickly and directly to trigger an individual’s own healing powers. It is an especially creative and solution-oriented therapeutic method, which accesses the individual’s own subconscious resources. Using it, even very difficult psychological disturbances and traumatic reactions can often be healed surprisingly quickly, as the individual learns to communicate directly with his own subconscious and to benefit from his own hidden knowledge and abilities.

I, myself, have often experienced amazing success in the use of Hypnotherapy in the treatment of otherwise stubborn behavioral problems, such as eating disturbances and alcoholism. I have successfully implemented it to help patients stop smoking and to overcome anxiety, phobic fears and obsessive/compulsive disorders. I have found modern hypnotic therapy to also be especially effective in the therapy of trauma. Childhood and adult trauma can be directly targeted, uncovered and treated, without the danger of retraumatization through re-experiencing traumatizing feelings, because the patient is securely protected by his own subconscious mind. Hypnosis can also be used in the treatment of psychosomatic disturbances, such as sleep-disturbances, disturbances of the digestive tract, hay fever and other allergies. With the help of his own subconscious the patient learns how to heal himself. Even chronic pain can be successfully fought with hypnotic methods.

The therapy is mostly stress-free: The patient discovers a new freedom, creatively and practically, to work on himself. The therapy is relaxing and enjoyable. It creates a feeling of inner peace and harmony. The body and inner self, where the emotions and drives are located, are no longer felt as enemies, but as true helpers. Hypnotherapy can improve productivity in private and academic areas as well as in sport and work. It can benefit daily life as a whole and encourage personality development.

In hypnotic therapy, the patient experiences an increase in efficiency and effectiveness in his daily life. At the same time his sense of security and self-esteem is improved. The effect continues on, long after psychotherapy ends and is a very valuable compliment to the help offered by Affective-Cognitve-Behavioral-Psychotherapy.


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  • depression, sorrow, mourning
  • social anxiety and insecurity
  • sleep disturbances
  • anxiety, panic and phobias
  • obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • eating disorders
  • alcoholism and other behavioral issues
  • trauma (PTSD)
  • problems of adjustment & cultural shock
  • attention deficit diorders/hyperactivity (ADHD) in adults
  • personality disturbances
  • individuals
  • couples, alternative relationships
  • families, adolescents
  • of work-related problems
  • of managerial issues
  • against stress
  • for time-management
  • for anger management
  • to improve self-assertiveness
  • against life problems & crises
  • for improved weight control
  • to give up smoking
  • to reduce excessive alcohol-consumption and other problematic behaviors

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